The Berghain Club Berlin – When They Say No Cameras, They Mean It!

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I am posting this link to demonstrate the attitude towards Berghain privacy, and share the comments made to one brave guest who decided to upload footage of the Berghain on YouTube (from our attempts to take a club snap in the Berghain-we are well aware how difficult this is, as we were immedietly told to remove by another clubber). I certainly do not intend to cause any offence or disrespect to the Berghain culture by sharing the video (especially as this video doesn’t even begin to reveal the epicness of this place) but am simply highlighting through video comments the offence caused if any choose to ‘desecrate the temple’ by video recording inside the mighty Berghain.

It is truly fascinating to read how strongly Berghain goers are committed to the ‘what happens in the Berghain stays in the Berghain’ culture. You will find with other videos taken from the Berghain or Panorama bar, that the dislike ratings are rocketing and commenters truly believe you are disrespecting them and the Berghain. Incredible! Whilst it all seems a bit extreme, having actually succeeded in…

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I feel like home


Maboule de Seoul

Bon, ça faisait un petit moment que je voulais vous parler des Coréens que j’ai rencontrés/vus ou dont j’ai entendus parler depuis que je suis arrivé. Je vais essayer de pas tomber dans la catégorisation débile du random Korean guy mais juste raconter certain trucs qui m’ont fait marrer que j’ai remarqué ou que mes potes m’ont raconté.

J’avais déjà évoqué leur amour inconditionnel pour la danse et la musique trop forte mais ce ne sont pas les seules raisons qui me poussent à penser que ce peuple est extraordinaire. Sérieusement, je n’ai jamais vu des gens aussi gentils et amicaux.


Si t’es en galère ou si t’es perdu tu trouveras toujours une âme charitable pour venir t’aider, te montrer et même t’accompagner. D’un point de vu moins « utilitaire », les coréens sont trop chauds de venir te tchatcher, te raconter des conneries, te dire « Je t’aime ma chérie » ou te…

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NiKE, Just do it !

NiKE, Just do it !

That’s what i thought when i saw them, buy it !
I did’nt plan to buy some shoes but i missed my subway station so I was walking around Sinchon and found a ephemeral store with wonderful sneakers everywhere for a good price…
▲ Impossible to resist (:



► Partying in Seoul

My first criteria is the music, i love mostly deep house and minimal, but tech-house, hiphop, rock too. After that i prefer clubs that are not too big and where you can easily meet people. So far my favorite places…

1) Go to Itaewon !!

► MYSTIK is for me the best sound in Seoul. The club is small but definitely very good.

► Mute is super coool, perfect music, perfect light effects, nive people…

► Cakeshop, the first time Teki latex was playing and it was one of my best night in Seoul. The place is nice, you can often find international dj’s and even the resident dj’s are great.

2) In Hongdae :

► Exit Bar (Hongdae): This club is open to everyone with no entrance fee, the music is good and on saturday night you can start the party in the park just near meeting people, listenning local bands and drinking what you want. Each month there is a Social Underground party, very cool !

► MWG just near Exit, very good sound and nice Staff, good quality DJs, with more communication about the club it will be perfect !

If you prefer huge clubs then go to Gangnam !